Rachel Pearson

President & CEO

Rachel Pearson draws on her extensive experience of elective politics to provide corporations, associations, and non-profit organizations with strategic planning and counsel. She founded Pearson & Associates over 20 years ago, and its consulting work for Fortune 500 companies and leading associations continues to this day.

Through these decades of work in both policy and politics, Rachel has developed deep and extensive relationships with Members of Congress on both sides of the aisle and in both chambers. Her multifaceted work is informed by a deep understanding of how Washington works. This depth of understanding, gained through personal relationships with Democrats and Republicans alike, makes her singularly positioned to lend insight into the inner workings of Congress.

Rachel’s dedication to bringing together Members of Congress, senior staff, and corporate leaders is widely recognized as unique and constructive by both sides of the aisle. This drive for coming together to find common sense solutions was inspired by her mentor, the late Ohio Governor George Voinovich. Rachel experienced firsthand the Governor working with Democrats to achieve meaningful results for the people in her home state of Ohio. Since then, she’s maintained a passion for bipartisanship and problem-solving – a passion that has most recently culminated in her founding Engage in November of 2018. Engage is an organization dedicated to promoting women’s economic security and amplifying bipartisan, commonsense legislative solutions at all levels of government. To learn more about Engage, please visit www.engagewomen.org.

In 2013, Rachel co-founded Principal to Principal with Kristi Rogers. They launched the Global Forum to bring Members of Congress, the administration, the diplomatic community, and business leaders together around one table to tackle the challenges of today. Among Principal to Principal’s other projects is the completion of Phase One of a Global Supply Chain Task Force.

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